All-levels public classes are offered:

Weekday evenings in San Leandro (1225 MacArthur Blvd) and Oakland (4689 Telegraph Ave) at:  Square One Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga Asana Classes

Mon (San Leandro): 6-7:15pm

Tues (Temescal): 6-7:15pm

Weds (San Leandro): 6-7:15pm

Thurs (Temescal): 6-7:15pm


Ease into a mellow all-levels class, with plenty of modifications to turn the intensity up or down as you like. Class typically begins with a slow, somatics-based warm-up, followed by a creatively sequenced flow practice that explores the richness of Yoga philosophy. Long savasanas are always included, to allow the body a chance to integrate the benefits of the asana (movement) practice. Class regularly includes time for pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. This is a great class for both beginning and experienced practitioners, and is a welcoming environment for all body types and all genders.